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Our Philosophy


Conservative Dentistry

We regard ourselves as conservative general dentists.  Our dental school and residency/military training have prepared us to address any problem that may arise.  However, we believe that what we are born with is better than anything humans can construct.  Therefore, our priority is to minimize treatment with good preventive care because once your natural tooth structure is removed, it will never grow back.  Placing a sealant to prevent a small cavity is better than the smallest filling, and a small filling using conservative techniques is better than a large filling.


As health care providers, we feel that our chief duty is to inform and educate you so that you are knowledgeable of the status of your dental health and fully understand the options available to maintain it.  We are here to guide you towards making the best decisions regarding the dental care you deserve for a long and healthy life.

Quality Dental Care

We strive to provide the highest quality dental care at a reasonable cost.  We believe that once you experience our personalized attention to detail and understand the value of high quality materials and precision laboratory craftsmanship, you will consider our services to be an exceptional value.  We ensure that only the best materials are used to craft the highest quality restorations.

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